Welcome to Day 3 of Couple with Kids boot camp week! If you are just now finding out about this challenge I encourage you to start here with day 1!

Today I want to talk to you about talking.

I mean not just the everyday “how was work?” “did you pay PG&E?” or “what’s for dinner?” but REALLY communicating about things that excite and interest you.

Remember when you first met? You probably talked about a lot of rad things. Like how you both love that awesome movie or that hilarious thing that happened a few years ago. Maybe you were both super into politics and enjoyed getting into feisty (but civil) debates with each other or you spent hours talking about your hopes and dreams for the future.

Whatever it was, you were both thirsty for learning about, and exploring each other’s inner world. Research on relationships shows that happy couples maintain a strong friendship. That’s the stuff that carries us through the difficult parts of our relationship.


 Start talking. About something. Anything EXCEPT – kids, work, bills- the usual stuff.

Need some inspiration?

  1. Pull up a news website and start talking about current events. Maybe you agree on politics, maybe you don’t but you can have a feisty and fun debate (unless civil discussions can’t be had about politics. Then ignore this and move on to the next idea)
  2. What common interests do you share? Are you comic book nerds? Or maybe you love camping. What things spark a little fire in your soul?
  3. Learn about something together and discuss it. You can go as big or little as you want on this. Maybe you’re just researching a topic via google that you both find interesting, or you both listen to the same podcast separately and later get together and chat about it. Maybe you go as far as to take an online class about something you’re both super stoked to learn more about. Thanks to technology your options are almost limitless and

So find your thing. When you do, email me- I’d love to hear what’s making y’all tick!

Until tomorrow!


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