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Making relationships work

The Ingredients A few weeks ago, I asked folks on my social media pages “when it comes to making a relationship work, you have to have____”. I got a huge variety of incredible and thoughtful (sometimes humorous) answers. Trust, respect,

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Passion After Kids

Hey parents- I see you. After working all day/ wrangling tiny dictators/ cooking/ attempting to clean the never ending mess of the house/chasing the dog/ keeping the aforementioned tiny dictators alive- the last thing on your mind is romance. Shoot,

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Life after summer

Ah Summer. Even though it’s so hot you’re sweating through your clothes, there is an unmistakable energy in the air. Kids and teachers are out of school, vacations are in full swing, late sunsets mean you’re more inspired to actually

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I call foul!

So lets take a trip back to when you first started dating your partner. Chances are, you thought they were pretty awesome in a million different ways-and they had a cute butt which sealed the deal 😉 During this “honeymoon”

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The Happy Meme Cult

The happy meme. You know the one. That one all over your Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The one with that perfect picture, the perfect people, the perfect words. The one that throws out a perfectly crafted quote, as if it

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