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Don’t throw in the towel on your relationship just yet.

If you and you partner have been having a really rough time over things like fighting all the time, not communicating well, lacking in intimacy, or just thinking about divorce, I’d love to hear from you. Troubles in your relationship can leave you feeling powerless and hopeless, but I want you to know that there are many things we can do together to repair your relationship for the better. 

I’ve helped couples like you navigate tricky terrain like infidelity, substance use, and even separation.

Drawing on the scientifically-based Gottman Method of couples therapy, I can help you and your partner have tools to handle your problems and take care of them head on. Together, we can help you learn practical, research based skills that you can start using early on.

So don’t wait around for your relationship to magically get better on its own. And don’t settle for endless counseling sessions without concrete tools and a specific plan of action. Call me for an appointment and let’s get you the help you need for your relationship today.

Couples Counseling and Therapy With Yasmine Binghalib

Walking into therapy can be an anxiety producing situation, especially if it is a brand new experience and you don’t know what to expect. 

Let me walk you through my process of working with new couples.

The Assessment Process:

Let’s talk about why this is important and how I may do it a little differently than you are used to. The first three in-person sessions are part of my assessment, or information gathering process.

The reason these sessions are so important is because every single couple has different needs and therefore will require a different treatment plan. It is essential that I start with the right “tools” so I can formulate the best plan that is unique to you as a couple.

1. At the first session, I will get to know you and your partner a little better and we will discuss your goals for therapy.

I will also provide you with a link for each of you to complete an online assessment tool called the Gottman Relationship Checkup based on 40 years of research from the Gottman Institute. It is really important that both partners have taken the time to complete the assessment before the second session. In my experience working with couples, counseling is only effective if BOTH partners are willing and able to work hard both in and out of session (which includes following homework).

2. Our second session will be made up of two “individual” appointments, so that I will be able to spend 35 minutes with each partner separately. This allows me to get to know each one of you individually, and also for each person to be able to tell their story without any additional pressure.

3. The third visit is when I provide you with an outline of relationship strengths and challenges ( based on the Gottman check up and my personalized assessment). Together we outline a plan of what we want to accomplish together so we can maximize our time in session!

Check out our Couples F.A.Q. if you’d like to know more!

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