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The Wellness Guru Era

Social Media has made huge changes to our society within a lightning fast amount of time, some great and some that we are still figuring out. Things like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, give everyone a platform with the potential to

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When to call in the pros

Broken Bones and Broken Hearts We don’t plan to break a bone or get sick, but if we do, we generally know who to call and where to get help. It should be the same with relationships but unfortunatley it

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Mom buns and Muscles

Mom buns and Muscles A photo shoot happened to be going on at my gym today. And not just any old photo shoot, but one involving humans with toned, chiseled, muscles who look like they could bench press a full-grown

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Making relationships work

The Ingredients A few weeks ago, I asked folks on my social media pages “when it comes to making a relationship work, you have to have____”. I got a huge variety of incredible and thoughtful (sometimes humorous) answers. Trust, respect,

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